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Happy Valentine’s Day February 13, 2017

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15 years ago, we met –

That day new friends is all I thought I’d get

Little did I know, that you would become someone more

Someone who I would adore

I fell for you like many girls did

I tried to keep my feeling hid

From you, from everyone, from myself

I put them on the back burner, on the nearest shelf.


12 years ago you saw me as more –

You realized that you loved me deep in your core

I had a crush on my best friend

I didn’t know if this was the end

Of our friendship, of you and me.

I was afraid you would leave and just let me be.

Instead you fell, for me as I did for you

Asking me on a date was the best thing to do.


10 years ago we said “I do.”

On a Colorado Mountain, as I gazed back at you.

We said our vows and promised forever.

That I would stick with you, you my only ever.

We’ve had two kids and own a house

We’ve made a life you and me, spouse and spouse

I couldn’t dream of anything less

For me, you were God’s best!


To the Discouraged Almost 23 year old… January 1, 2017

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I spoke with a young woman today upset with the reality of facing the age of 23, which she is turning this week. She seemed upset that she didn’t exactly know where her life was going and it just seemed like she should by now. Well, I am not “much” older, 10 years her senior, but I can say, I am not sure you ever have it figured out. You see, life throws twists and turns at you. You THINK you know what you want from life, who you are going to be, who you will marry, where you live, how many kids you have and when all this should be accomplished by…… and well, then life happens.

I set out to be a Kindergarten teacher my whole childhood. I picked my college out in 7th grade and never wanted to attend anywhere else….. I got accepted there. But….. 2 weeks after graduation, they informed me that they didn’t have space for me to actually attend there. I went on a Missions trip to Puerto Rico and knew that wherever I ended up, I wanted to serve God wholeheartedly. I never had a boyfriend by the time I graduated. I giggled and thought that if I didn’t get married before I graduated college, I would teach in Puerto Rico – since the guys down there thought I was pretty (with my chunkier hips and curvy self).

Two months later, I find myself enrolled in a small, conservative Bible college – majoring in missions. Completely different than anything I thought I wanted. More rules than I had living under my parent’s roof. Quite the adjustment, but God orchestrated it and that is another story. Eventually, this college got accredited and I changed my major to Elementary Education because, the missions major didn’t really give me a marketable skill. Still no boyfriend (I needed to find myself first…) (I am 20 at this point.)

I started hanging out with my friend Caleb, a lot more. We talked almost nightly on Instant Messenger on our desktop computers… yep, this all pre-Facebook and text messages were not really a thing yet either.  So, aging myself just a little bit. He used to tell me about his latest interests in different ladies. I started falling for him. I would pray that God would just hit him on the head with a 2×4 to make him realize I was right there. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I was attending the church he went to, he worked in youth group and they had a large college ministry that I attended.

Well, they combined college and youth to do a large relationship themed unit. The last night, we were given car keys (it was all analogies that related to vehicles)… the challenge was that so often we try to jump start or hotwire the wrong “car” (meaning relationship) and it will get us a few miles, but what if we hand the key over to God and let go and allow him to bring the car to us when it is time. WOW. That hit me HARD. We had a prayer and worship time, to get on our knees and hand it over to Him, then when we were done, take the key and place it in a jar up front. I got on my knees in the corner of that gym, and prayed and prayed and prayed. I was the last person, and I think it was about 45 minutes of pouring my heart out to the Lord. I cried; I surrendered. I took that key up and let it go. Let go of my desires, my plans, my wishes – completely open to where the Lord would take me and who He would bring into my life.

…….Four DAYS later, it “hit” Caleb and he liked me…… Four days, I lived carefree and was satisfied in who I was in Christ. I had to get to that point before I could allow a guy into my life.

We started dating (21 years old) – continued our education. I took 6 years to get my 4 year degree. But I also really took advantage of the Bible classes and took some Grad level classes with Caleb.

23 years old – got engaged and married. Started working at a call center, for a company I STILL work for 10 years later.

24 years old – finally finished that degree. Ready to face the world and teach kids! However, it was a recession and where we moved to Colorado, no one was hiring teachers without experience when there were plenty who had experience.

Still working for the same company.

Get my teacher license in Colorado. Oh and the youth pastor position my husband was SUPPOSED to have… didn’t work out, but my transfer did and we loved Colorado – so away we went!

After a year in Colorado, we pursued an opportunity that would allow me to teach high risk students that were slipping through the cracks in regular schools and my husband to be a pastor. Only for that to not work out despite our best efforts.

I am still working for the same company and not teaching.

We end up buying a house and getting pregnant after that failed experience. Not sure I was prepared to be a mom, but I am 27 so I should have if figured out, right? Young people do this all the time….

Continue to not teach and work for the same company…..

I finally give in and realize this company is amazing and this is just where I am. I let my teaching license that I held for 6 years expire….

NOW, I am no longer a licensed teacher. What the heck am I then? That had been my entire identity…. I know, I am a wife, mother and church member, cousin, friend. But how can I not be a teacher?

Another child comes along. Now I really need the benefits, pay and stability of this job – so still working at the same company.

I attended a Bible study – called “Best Yes.” They asked the question – if money and time were not an issue, what would you do for the Kingdom? I NEEDED that prompt. Here I was working a job I never imagined and not doing anything related to teaching. I am 30 years old and nowhere close to where I thought I would be. Instead of my husband being a youth pastor or pastor, he is a driving instructor. Instead of me teaching Kindergarten, I work in a tech support call center.

What would I do? Easy. Make curriculum for small churches to have a good resource that is affordable to teach kids the Word in a fun way that did not compromise the integrity of the Bible. That did not change the meaning of the Bible or fabricate it to sound better. So there is was born “Crayons and Bible Stories” – I have since then started posting lesson plans online on my website I have built. I don’t know if anyone is being blessed by it yet – if it is helping any churches… it is still in the baby stages. But I am working on it…… while still working for the same company….

I am 33 years old now. I used to be sooooo jealous of those who graduated and got a teaching job immediately. Or of those friends who are serving in full-time ministry. But the Lord has taught me much through the years. I am stronger, I am able to be a LIGHT (while working at this same company), and I am able to minister to the Elementary kids at my lil church, as their weekly teacher for first service. My husband and I have different ministry goals – which we have not even had a chance to pursue or barely start. But someday, we will be able to have the resources to attempt. We are basically in a holding pattern. But that is okay. God’s timing is always perfect.

I teach my kids and use my creativity to make things with them.

I use my talents in ways that may not be a career, but with the power of the internet, I can use my education and creativity to provide lessons to small churches looking for free resources they need online.

So, when I thought making plans in high school would go perfectly, I was way wrong. Life gets crazy! Life gets messy! Takes you down paths you never thought you would be on. At the age of 23 years old, you don’t have to have it all figured out. And what you do have figured out, may change. In fact, it WILL change.

Don’t stress about turning 23 years old. Getting older is a part of life, when you stop, you die. Embrace each year that comes and know that it has potential. As I have learned, it just gets better, but it can only get better if you allow it. Fighting it just makes you miserable.

That company I work for, I really like working there and after almost ten years, I am content with my job. If you would have told me 10 years ago I would not teach in a classroom and God would give me other ways to use my creativity and planning, I would have been discouraged and likely would have given up…..

But each stage comes when it comes. I got married at 23 and had a child at 27 and 30….. but your journey, sweet young lady, is going to be a different one. Your time table will be unique to you! There is not a right or wrong time for these to happen. Just know, that God sees that big picture – knowing you – He has BIG plans for you, but only if you embrace each day as it comes. I always pictured it like a puzzle. God sees the top of the box and as the time comes, he slowly gives us one piece at a time. The more pieces we get, the more we see how He is working on this big picture. But we have to trust Him with each piece. It is only as you get older do you start to see how He was putting all the pieces together to make the beautiful portrait of your life. Don’t rush things, young one. Don’t be discouraged. Getting older happens. Life throws you plot twists all the time. Your goals and aspirations may change. But seeking Him, giving your whole heart to Him, God will NEVER fail you! HE will grow you, stretch you, change your mind… but the more you seek Him, you will be satisfied, content, stronger, and that is a wonderful thing. “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8 Take refuge young woman, He has it alright. God has it!


Church Family February 14, 2016

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As I got in the car today, Brant Hansen (a great Radio DJ, Author of “Unoffendable”) was talking about the church. I can’t remember every word, but basically what he said (my paraphrase) – If you think everyone and everything at your church is perfect, you will be sadly disappointed. It is made of sinners. You will get hurt. It can be a band of enemies… But it should stay together for Christ’s Glory.

This got me thinking. First of all, I love my church and see them as my family. I mean, we are going to spend eternity together, after all. But just like a family, feelings get hurt, there’s misunderstandings, there’s arguments. And there’s memories made, celebrations for life stuff, tears of sadness, tears of joy. Think of your family growing up. Were there times you were angry at your parents? Were there times you wanted to get revenge at your brother? Were there times you were so proud of your younger brother you were bursting with excitement? With that in mind, let’s consider the church….

A friend on Facebook asked, “when is it okay to leave a church?” Since I view the church as family, here is what I said: (Note: assuming nothing is wrong with the doctrine or teachings of the church)
When is okay to leave home? When you have a life event – moving for school or starting a new chapter as in getting married or something, when you are leaving for an opportunity or to help someone. Leaving on a positive note… To better yourself or others. Sure sometimes people leave because they are angry or can’t stand being in the same house as that person. They’ve been wronged, betrayed, hurt. But we always hope there will be restoration and they will come home or work things out. Why should our church family be any different?

What seems to be different about churches is that we have choices. In the city I live in, we have fifty Southern Baptist Churches alone! Which is the church we go to. So if I get hurt or frustrated at one church, there’s 49 others that believe similar doctrine as my current one… May as well go somewhere else. Fixing relationships is hard work! It takes time, and sometimes is awkward.

One time, I was truly hurt by someone. I found myself in the parking lot of the grocery store bawling my eyes out texting a friend about how upset I was. It is possible the person that hurt me was completely oblivious to the fact she hurt me so badly. And I realized, she is human just like me. There was a need that arose and I found a way to serve her and help with the need. By doing that act of service, I was able to see her as a person in need and I had an ah-ha moment. We are all broken people. Whether she meant to hurt me on purpose or she was oblivious, she needs things too…. What we both need is God’s mercy and grace. Thank God for salvation!!!

Oh I love my little church! They are my clan! We have been here almost five years. These are people I know I can call if I need to. And have called for dead battery, advice on a recipe, car issues at ten pm when my husband was on a hunting trip, random coffee chats, child in the hospital, you name it… They have been there for my family! Also, if there’s anything someone else needs, I am always available! But this community doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time, investment, commitment. In the five years I have been there, sure there’s been miscommunications, feelings hurt, disappointments…..it happens. But working through them, making an effort to overcome these, has only brought me closer to this body of believers.

My husband works in a very public place and he was speaking to someone who moved here from the Middle East who was seeking refuge from groups who persecute Christians, even killing them. She explained how strange the American church is. Where she comes from, Christians work together and have each other’s backs always….because, otherwise they could be killed. Soo different here. She couldn’t believe the things she observed with how we treat one another. What a different point of view!! How enlightening to hear this perspective.

I know I have been to different churches, I have struggled to fit in, but as I have matured age wise and spiritually speaking, I have realized…some things were petty. My church family now are people that I love more than anything. Just like my biological family, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. And if I see them as imperfect people who love Jesus like I do, I can love them unconditionally, I can extend forgiveness and grace when warranted, restoration can happen, and in time my brothers and sisters in Christ are more like my brothers and sisters. It is easy to run, I mean, 49 other options, why not?

I am not saying if you have ever left a church, you are terrible or selfish or immature… There are reasons to move to a different part of the family of God and ultimately that is your choice, your convictions, your situation… But at the place you are at now: If you look at your church body as members of your family, would how you talk and interact with them change? What is something you can do where you are to be intentional with your church relationships? Is there someone you need to offer forgiveness and grace to, even if they haven’t asked for it? Do you view the church as members of the same family??

If we look at our church through this lens, I wonder how much we can bring Christ Glory? Will people not in the church see that  we are different? That how we interact and behave towards one another is different? By our example, can the church show the world what love looks like, what grace is, most of all, WHO Christ is?

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” -James 1:19-20


Far from Perfect October 27, 2015

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Some days feel like I failed
The people who matter most to me
I’ve let them down, stumbled
Messed up a great thing.
I never want to hurt anyone
I want things always to be good
But I am reminded often
That I am far from perfect
I’m wrong, I say things that I shouldn’t.
I forget, I get distracted.
I wish that I wouldn’t.
The crazy thing about life
I will never be perfect.
I will try. I will fail.
It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you
It doesn’t mean that I don’t care
It means I am only human
And my flesh won that moment.
I wish to walk in the Spirit.
I wish to always be on point.
I am thankful for a loving Savior
With grace and mercy endless
I am grateful He never gives up
No matter how many times I mess up
He loves me all the same
And died for me by name
Lord, please help me live each moment
In a way that honors you
Help me speak with grace and truth
So salt and light is what I am
Please show me ways to be loving
Please help me everyday
That others see you through me
And don’t let my flesh get in the way.
I strive to be more Christ-like
To show everyone who you are.
While I am not ever going to be perfect
I hope to grow closer to you daily
My hope and desire
Is that others will see a fire
A fire and a passion for you
I pray it makes me different
In how I work and how I play
So that others will see my good works
And give you all the glory
Lord, make me have the will power
To overcome laziness
Help me speak the truth in love
And hold back things I shouldn’t say
This is my prayer
Oh, I am far from perfect.
But every time I mess up,
Please help me continue to not give up.
Help me keep growing and learning
Until that day – whether through death or rapture –
I cross into eternity
Please let my life not be wasted
Let others always know your love
Oh one day I will be perfect…
When I live with you above!


My “best yes” and it is not in a classroom March 17, 2015

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Six years. That is how long I was a licensed teacher. It is official. I have allowed my teacher license to expire. I have let it go. I have been out of school nearly 7 years. Honestly, at this point, I am disconnected from education to the point I do not think I would be comfortable getting into the classroom. Curriculum has changed; the buzz words are different and repackaged. I feel I would have to work part-time in a school to “get my feet wet.” I have not been actively looking for 2 years now. I know I sound like a quitter. I sound like someone who has given up on my dreams…. But that is just it, they were MY dreams.

I am now married with two kids. Life has changed drastically since I set out to pursue teaching. I hear things like – “but you are so great with kids,” “but teaching is what you love,” “but you have this degree…” etc. You are right – I love kids, I enjoy teaching, and there is NOTHING like seeing a kiddo open their eyes to a new concept. I have a front row seat for daily discoveries in my own kids lives. So there is that.

I recently studied The Best Yes with my church ladies group. (Excellent book, by the way.) And one of challenges was what would you do if time and money was not a factor? Besides helping my husband with his calling, which is huge on my heart, my mind immediately went to Children’s Church Curriculum for smaller churches. There are great materials out there, but they seem to cost SO much. I know our little church struggles to afford stuff like that year after year. And with the World Wide Web available, why is it so hard to find materials that are BIBLICAL? So, after writing down my answer – the author’s challenge was to dedicate at least one hour of your week to this “best yes” soul thing. I started doing that. What did I find? I LOVE WRITING LESSONS! I LOVE BEING CREATIVE!

After much prayer, consideration, and research… I have decided to start a blog to be a resource to churches. To help them have something to go to for ideas, lessons, etc. My first goal: 52 weeks worth of lessons with crafts, snacks, lessons, games, applications, etc. I am just going for it.

What if…

…being a licensed teacher prevented me from seeing what God had for me?

…I just needed to let go of MY dream to see GOD’S purpose for me?

…this blog idea bombs and I am back to square one?

I have complete peace about this decision. I know I am going in the right direction. I may be blindly going this way. But that is what faith is, right?

So many of you have been encouraging about my desire to teach, and I am thankful. I am just finding creative ways to use my degree and talents – ways to serve and honor God with them. I have not been this pumped about something in a very long time. The ladies at my Bible study will tell you my face kinda lights up with I talk about it. I get wound up with excitement. I don’t have a deadline for this goal, I am just going to plug away at it and gradually add things to my blog. I actually am using Palm Sunday as my first lesson and will be teaching the preschoolers of my church. Then I can work out the kinks and see how the lesson plays out before actually posting it. Thankful for my Children’s Ministry director allowing me to try things out.

I don’t know what will be become of this, but I am confident that God will open doors and allow me to use my talents – they won’t be wasted. He is faithful!

So, I am not making money on doing this… it is okay, I am blessed with a great job to pay the bills. Finding fulfillment is not about being rich or getting PAID – it is following God without abandon. This is what I have resolved to do.

Here goes – new chapter of my life….

My identity is not going to include “I am a license teacher.” I am closing that chapter. I am finding my identity in Christ alone. I am moving on. I have so many friends who are teachers and you have a phenomenal job! My kids will be in your classroom soon – I will need you to be that awesome teacher for them! I used to be jealous of you – loathe you – wish I could be you. Now, I feel free! I am thankful for you and your dedication as a person who may impact my kids lives… but I know I am not going that direction.

Thanks again to those who have been sweet, encouraging, and helpful in my pursuit of teaching… It is time to go a different way and I embrace it! I can’t wait to see what becomes of my “best yes.”


Don’t forget the oxygen March 4, 2015

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“Place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping small children”

This statement is one we usually ignore on the plane when the flight attendants are doing their demonstrations. I mean, if you have flown more than once, you’ve heard this spiel enough to know you put oxygen on yourself first before anyone else, right? What if there is more of a lesson to be learned here? What if the airline companies are on to something?

I attended a leadership development conference and they were focused on pastors and them balancing family/personal time with church responsibilities. The teacher used the analogy commonly heard on an airplane, “you have to put the oxygen on yourself before assisting other people.” He explained to these aspiring pastors that they have to set priorities. With the oxygen thing, he explained why that rule is in place. I had never really thought it through or paid any attention. Dingy me, never thought this through. How can you help other people with your oxygen mask if you are passed out without any oxygen?

Ding! That is the light bulb going on above my head! (I told you I was dingy.)

I can see this being applicable to pastors…

…but MOMS! How applicable is this to us???

Have you ever felt like you are suffocating taking care of everyone else around you? Being a wife can take a toll… add a munchkin or two…

…there’s always someone needing something.

…there’s always a chore to be done.

…there’s always laundry, dishes, vacuuming, meals, mopping, budgets…

Seriously, it never ends. It can feel like you are being overwhelmed, buried alive in things, tasks, little people’s snot!

Oh, they tell you it gets easier, but when?

Balance, you will just learn to balance everything. Great, but I was never good with circus acts.

So, when the teacher explained this whole oxygen mask thing, it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. THAT’S WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING!!!  I have been worried about everyone else having oxygen that I have not been giving myself any oxygen. My. Life. Changed. Of course, as moms we have lots of things pulling us every which way. If you are anything like me, you have tried to be there for everyone in your life, all the time. I love my family and friends, but have learned I just can’t do EVERYTHING. So what does this look like? How does someone “put the oxygen mask on first?”

I looked at my life. I evaluated where I was lacking. I started simple. First place I changed was making my relationship with God more of priority. I spent time in prayer on the drive to work. I started going to Bible study and making that a priority, even when I didn’t feel like going. I learned that those tweaks made an impact on my daughter who watches me carefully. Now, I have allowed myself to get to a deeper study and it is so refreshing. It requires more homework but the outcome is amazing!

Then I looked at the physical aspect. I saw many friends within a month of each other had parents either suddenly pass away or have a heart attack/stroke. I saw their pain on social media. I wept with them. I cried with them. I prayed for them. Then I looked in a mirror. My first pregnancy I had scary blood pressure issues and my second pregnancy had a couple little scares. When I saw who I was and where I was heading, I suddenly realized that my physical well-being was not looking good. In the midst of getting a degree, getting married, moving to Colorado, working in a call center for YEARS, having kids – I stopped taking care of myself. So I started making time to walk on a treadmill. (I mean, what excuse did I have? They have a free gym at work.) It was small, walking a mile. Throwing in some jogging. Worked up to a 5k. What a reward to go walk a fast pace at the Glow Run 5k. It took time and my husband had to get on board to help with the munchkin. But it was worth it. I started losing weight. I got off of the blood pressure medicine. I felt great. (Then I got pregnant and lazy again, so now that I had my second lil munchkin, it will be back into a routine – but the good news is this pregnancy was easier to recover from than the first pregnancy because I was in better shape.)

I began eating better. Researching food and changing habits.

Then, I looked closer. There was another area I was ignoring and not taking care of… dental. My huge fear of dentists (since my last one had 3 fillings fall out – painful)! But, it was time to face the fear and take care of myself there too.

So, many of the things I had not paid attention to were in the physical and some spiritual… it has made such a difference. Oh, I am sure there are other areas I need to improve on. I am not perfect. And sometimes I still have to remind myself it is important to make a priority for me. Sometimes I splurge a little and take a half day from work to go home and work on stuff or get a pedicure or something else a little special. But I am finding those areas that need me to give attention to.

Well, if I am giving more attention to taking care of myself, what gives? Right, there are only 24 hours in the day and I am only one person. I have been growing in the area of not volunteering for EVERYTHING. For me that was the struggle. I love when people see that I did a wonderful job on a project or event. Sadly, that had become an idol in my life. If there was a signup sheet to bring snacks to a weekly event, I just naturally volunteered for 2-3 weeks. If someone needed food (which I love cooking), I would try to feed them twice. I always tried to go above and beyond. I was so proud this past week when signing up for snacks for AWANA Cubbies; I only put my name down for ONE week. That is right, one! Huge growth for me. I have learned to let go and really not do TOO much. I just love taking care of people, but I have not been taking care of myself. Some of these may be little things are areas you are already doing fine in. But look around and think about it. Where are you lacking oxygen? Are you in the Word regularly? Are you physically paying attention to your diet and exercise? Do you neglect getting a haircut? Is there a checkup you have not been getting regularly? Has it been awhile since you got a new outfit? Pedicure/Manicure? Painting that room in the house you’ve been meaning to do? Whatever it is in your life – start making a priority. I started with one area of improvement and work my way up until the dentist, my biggest fear, was the thing that was left.

Ladies, you cannot take care of everyone else if you are not taking care of your needs too. You are no good passed out on the floor, even if you were in the process of putting the oxygen masks on everyone else. You are more helpful when you have enough oxygen to breathe and feel energized!


Thoughts about Mommy Labels August 24, 2014

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Moms are just moms….

There have been so many fights, arguments, judgments between working moms and stay at home moms. I have always been a working mom, that is what our family needs right now. I have several friends that stay at home and I am super happy and often jealous of them. Which I know jealousy is not a good thing, but they had something I wish I could have now. It is in our plans for someday. But SOMEday is not TOday.

Well, I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and had the privilege to stay home for two months to love and nurture my little newborn. It was great. It was stressful. It was nothing I imagined it would be. I loved it. I can’t believe how time flew by. I lived on my own schedule, except that which was dictated by an infant.

One thing I realized…

I used to think – how do stay at home moms seem so desperate for a break? They GET 40 more hours each week to accomplish what I still have waiting for me AFTER I come home from work! That is a TON more time to do chores. What in the world are they complaining about???

I learned a few things – There were days the kids were back and forth so much that I didn’t get into the shower until 4:30 pm – just in time to smell nice for my husband to come home. THAT ten minutes with the door locked and shower running was the ONLY ten minutes of quiet. There were days that I wanted to just be with people – yes, there were little people, but I felt so removed from society. There were days trying to accomplish one task that should take 30 minutes took 4 hours.

So what realization did I have? Moms are just moms. Some work out of the house, some work at home, some are not employed but dedicate time to their kiddos. But in all we are all just moms!

As a working mom, I have to say – I just get plum lazy when I am home. Now, it was just eight weeks. I would like to think that I would be better if it was permanent. But, I won’t know for at least a few more years. When I am working, our household runs smoothly. Things just jive. Laundry gets done. Dishes get done. Meals are planned and carried out. I am organized beyond belief. I tried to do this while staying home, but I got distracted by every little thing. That works for us that I work.

When a mom is home – the work is MORE! More meals to plan! More dishes to do! More messes to clean! You and your kids are there 24 hours a day! It is messy! I don’t know how moms keep up… Maybe there is a better routine and cleaning schedule I never adapted to, but my house was mass chaos! Oh they are messes by the little ones you love – but it is never-ending. When I work, we are not eating 3 meals a day at home. Kids are not pulling every toy out of their rooms for 12-14 hours a day! Mess after mess after mess after glorious mess.

So what lesson is this after all…

Moms are just moms. All of us work hard around the house. All of us are super busy. All of us need a break.

So when I am going to a group thing and the stay at home mom really needs a break from cooking dinner – it doesn’t matter that I work. I love cooking for people and am capable of doing so. So why not help her out and make dinner? She is just a mom, tired, stretched, worn. Sometimes, I am that mom. Sometimes, I need a break. Sometimes, I am at my last straw. I know what that is like. But what I realized is that employment status doesn’t dictate whether or not a mom needs help. We all do. Being a mom is HARD! It is draining. It is never-ending. There is always someone or something that needs our attention. A little help here and there is always great! When I can help out, I will! I will no longer judge moms based on their employment status. I have learned better. Moms, we are in this together and I am here to support you and will call you when I just cannot take it anymore myself!

Because, a mom is just a mom, after all.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 – “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up…”